About the prints.

I am adding very slowly new prints to the print shop online. I make these myself in the studio using good archival inks and papers.

It's a process I like to do and I try to get the prints to show the qualities of the original work. The watercolours suit the process well, particularly when on this good heavy paper. Sometimes these type of prints, known as ‘giclee’ or ‘inkjet’ are talked about as something perhaps inferior.  There is plenty about this online but the fact is that the quality of printers, inks, and papers and 'know how' is now so good that this is probably the most faithful way of printing work that has ever existed. The archival qualities are also now very good.
It is also worth noting that  that in the world of photography which of course is still a main part of the practice, the inkjet prints are absolutely the accepted standard now. Of course platinum prints and C types still have their qualities and unique capacities to deliver an image, but for faithful, archival and seductive reproduction.. give me giclee every time.. 

This is a print of an original work that has scanned or photographed to the highest standard. Not everything works well as a print, but having a long history of making prints with my photography, it seems sensible to make limited prints of a few selected works. Price is also a thing of course. I like selling work… I like people to have it, and with the print shop we can make things of high quality that I hope look good on the wall.
This picture itself is an imagining of the estuary where I live; what it’s like perhaps, what it was, what it might become even. I make these with the idea of conveying what could be called 'direct experience', intentionally something elusive, where I try to show the first building blocks of what it might be like to see a landscape for the first time, using the simplest brush gesture to describe basic motifs of landscape; land, sky, water, tree and horizon with all the tones, compositions and relationships within.

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