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'Sunlight On West Wall'

Place In Mind


This series has 2 parts, both based on places that exist primarily in the mind. They may have been real, but through thinking and perhaps ‘overthinking’, they became something else; a Place in Mind.

The first is a personal series where I went to photograph places that I already had a strong picture of what the place might be like.  

The second series is a set of collaborations with writers, Lionel Shriver, Adam Nicolson, Tim Lott, Geoff Dyer, Ruth Padel and David Almond. Each was asked to choose a place that they had in mind. I would then photograph the place and they would then write about the photograph. The series was published by The Independent. 

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The big camera can reveal a strong sense of place and has an intriguing ability to drink in and reveal detail. This series uses this almost tangible, realistic quality of the photograph to explore notions of the imagination, the ethereal and the unspecific. What are the places we think and dream of? What are the landscapes of our mind? I chose to photograph places therefore that I had a strong perception of ... even before I had been there.

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'Stone Henge'

This is therefore less about specificity, time and place... more about breadth, emotion, preconception... and having a 'place in mind'

.   'Concord'

'City Of London'.    'Lands End

'English Channel'

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'Dark Cliff'

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