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Vision Of An Estuary

A series that explores the sensation of landscape using photography, drawing, painting and reliefs, juxtaposing the works to open doors of perception of what the place is like and how it might have been.

The setting was once a vibrant tidal estuary on the east coast of England, but due to silting up and land reclaim there is now only a small stream that runs between the village and the marshes out to the sea.

A thousand years ago a Carmalite friary was built on the estuary’s banks. It would have been a busy commercial hub with strong links to two nearby churches and the village just upstream. Ships of reasonable size would have come and gone bringing all manner of life to the broad expanse of water that at times must have been like a busy lagoon.

There still exists a ruin of the friary gatehouse but for the most part it is a set of undulating banks in the grassy field. When it’s misty though, and at night, you can’t see the normal delineations of the landscape and it becomes easier to imagine what a landscape it might have been. 

I have divided into three realms as if you were moving up the estuary from the sea.

Creeks and Saltmarshes. 

Water Meadows and the River

Springs, Churches... and the Friary



Barely There.

I am here, but only by being here
Is such a consideration even just that.

Planets move on axes that
Occasionally line up,
Make shapes, look like
They are working together.

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