By the River 

May 2023

I have just spent a few days by a river  in Norfolk.
I am working on the series ‘A Vision of an Estuary’ which feels almost complete but will benefit from some more work this summer. It’s a set of four albums which comprise the artwork itself, that take you loosely on a journey downstream through an imaginary estuary, juxtaposing photographs, watercolours, drawings and reliefs. You can see more about it in the Applied Works section of the website here.

The aim with these few days has been to try and fill up the tank with colours. tones, shapes and the rest with which to work on in the studio this summer. Greens, crikey the greens, particularly at dawn and dusk with the whites of hawthorn blossom. I shall be making up a pallette of these colours for the pastel reliefs.

I also took the big 10x8 camera which I took out the same morning as this digital picture here of the priory. If the negative has what I think it might it should be quite a picture, but will only know when I get the negatives back from the lab for processing.

Certainly had the best weather I could wish for. 

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