New Online Print Shop

June 2023

The new shop for this summer is up and running. I sell smaller prints of photographs, watercolour and drawings. Click on the blue logo.
It’s minor, but we have changed the logo to include the word ‘print’, because that’s what it is... a print shop.. I have always liked to make prints of all kinds, and of course all photographs are prints anyway.

But these are different to the large scale work with the big 10 x 8 inch camera. Here we are making smaller prints that I make in my studio  and that I hope make the work more accessible. I try to get the balance right between the editioning, the sizes and the price. I use the best materials possible, for example one of the  primary papers I print on is a hand made Japanese sheet that is perhaps the most expensive ink jet paper out there. It makes a very good print thas a nice weight to it and takes the ink well, but it usually takes at least a couple of sheets to get it right. 

The shop is something that is evolving and I increasingly see it as an integral part of the practice. As you will have seen there are 4 main areas of the work; photography, watercolours, drawings and reliefs. I am interested in placing these different works together, often in pairs, and this is made much easier when prints can be made on similar papers. 

Any feedback on the print shop is greatly appreciated. Please email me. 

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