Pictures of Pairs

March ‘24

You may have seen the albums Vision of an Estuary (here on the site) and this is an extension of the idea where a photograph sits beside a watercolour or perhaps a drawing beside a relief. As you can see there is a slight angle to the two pictures that is intended to echo the double page spread of a book... a gutter. The idea is that one starts a dialogue with the other. What interests me is how one becomes the ‘caption’ to the other and for some reason this takes away the need for things like location and general info about either one or the other. The eye just wants to find some common ground or perhaps even the opposite.  There is more about this on the Visision of an Estuary page. This is an ongoing and developing idea this and I will continue to pursue. But wordlessness is a strong factor. These two images together work as a picture on the wall, but is perhaps stronger in book format where the relationshiop is also to do with the pages before and after. On the wall there is a singleular intensity to the that particular framed pair. I will update here when I get to the next stage. 

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