600 Pieces of Landscape
Exhibition in Norfolk.
May 25th to June 2nd 2024

Burnham Overy Boathouse
Burnham Overy Staithe
PE31 8FF

This is an installation of 600 small individual 'units’ that I have made in the studio, all laid out randomly on three shelves in a studio 'shed' that is set inside the Quay Room of the Boathouse in Burnham Overy Staithe, Norfolk.

Each unit is unique, of varying colour and tone, and represents some visual aspect of the estuary where I live. Some of the pieces are also photographs. The viewer is encouraged to explore what happens when you arrange these units together on one of several square boards I have provided on a workbench below the shelves; 2, perhaps 3 or more pieces at the same time.

For the last few years I have been covering four different practices of photography, painting, drawing and relief work and am now interested in how they work together. I made a series called Vision of an Estuary (see on my website) where I pair and juxtapose 2 different types of work opposite each other on a page. The two individual pictures start a dialogue together… one informs the other. A wordless evocation of the experience of being in English Landscape.

In this exhibition you are encouraged to play your own game as you look at the relationships between different small manifestations of work and find ways that the arrangements you create explore your own personal experiences of being in landscape.

Huge thanks to Crane Garden Buildings who are constructing the exhibition space... a building within a building.

Other framed work will be on show at the exhibition.

I look forward to seeing you... and thank you

More about Vision of an Estuary here
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